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Current Release

April 10, 2017: Version 1.4.0

  • Custom 3D model import
  • Full screen viewing mode
  • Bug fixes

Video tutorials

How to publish your point cloud on the web.

Frequently asked questions

How can I add a custom 3D model?

In the File menu, search for the Import 3D model... item. The current software release supports models in .OBJ file format. Once imported the model can be used for creating online web presentations.

Can I measure the distance?

Yes, the measurement tool is available.
SceneMark allows you to perform distance measurements in point clouds. You can pick any point to get the coordinates. Select any two points to get the distance between them.

Does it also work on iPad?

Yes, it works on iPad, iPhone and modern Android smartphones.
3D web animations created with SceneMark work on modern Apple devices which support WebGL. These are the latest devices with iOS v8.3 onwards. Exporting too many points, however, may limit some devices from loading the entire 3D scene.

What is the minimum OpenGL version?

It is recommended to update your video graphics drivers to the most recent version. The minimum requirement is OpenGL 2.1 with a programmable pipeline.

For our special scenario we need additional 3D models. Is it possible to add more?

XtSense GmbH, the company behind SceneMark specializes in 3D visualizations and modelling. We can offer customized solutions for your setup. Please contact

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